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Welcome to MarlonV, my Photography world!

I am Marlon van der Linde, nature [loving] photographer, and here is a little bit of background!

Camera Zero

I have been playing with cameras from a young age. Someone in my family had some old camera, and I remember nothing about it, other than the smell of the film, and the chemicals at the pharmacy that developed it. Around the age of eight, I got a 110 film based Safeway, and this is where I started shooting for real. Come to think of it, I remember how much effort I put into the composition. Framing foot level action shots of my friend hitting a cricket ball, taking portraits from chin level up and getting right into the dog's face. Being eight years old meant I could not afford to develop most of those old films (they are still locked up somewhere, probably useless now?) but the ones I developed were mostly filled with landscapes, trucks and random cats and dogs I stalked.


Photography was never meant to be my career,  but I am very keen on helping out where I can. My concerns however, with how many nature photographers operate, keeps me on edge. A lot of the images that can be seen on social sharing sites showcase stunning images of insects and other wildlife blatantly disregard ethical behavior. If any habitats are invaded, eggs broken, insects destroyed and animals falsely lured by sound and food - then it is not only a cheat, irresponsible and reckless, but also eventually separates those photographers from the ones that care (and get anywhere).

I aspire to the level of the wildlife and macro photographers here in South Africa, our people being close to, and respecting nature. If words matter, I try to always operate on the ethical levels they all present as great examples.


My focus has been willowy until very recently. Trying to find a consistent way to represent my view was difficult, but in the recent years my focus have shifted almost completely to natural subject matter. My time on the Karoo farm got me closer to the smaller animals, multitudes of plant-life and how things tie together - coupled with the Western Cape water crisis, I could not help but notice how things tie together (in harmony or conflict).

The most enjoyable shoots I do now, are those of the tiny wilderness of insect and arachnid life, flora, weather, avian photography and how it all pieces together. Until I find another area in nature that I could show to the world from my point of view, I will stay with the plan.

As with anything enjoyable, resetting the palate from time to is fitting. I accomplish this by diverting some attention to fine art, abstract and black-and-white photography.

The gallimaufry

Some things, still need doing on an almost daily basis, to fund the gear and travels with my loved one (also a photographer finding her niche as we traverse the soils of South Africa). We have spent the better part of our last year on a Karoo farm, exploring and experiencing nature, far from most people. We are slowly but surely, in a dirty climate of politics in this country, trying to build a self-reliant farm to get closer to a quality life... alas, for now, the daily grind is a means to a better way (soon).

These experiences all affect how I see, and represent the world to you, with my photography. Everything is worth it, every experience - even when some are harder to handle.

Social Vaccines

After having seen what the social media world of photographers have been pumping out at alarming rates, and the responses to some work, I have decided not to get involved in the social media side. Sadly, this means I have to work harder to get you to look at my work, to appreciate it. However, as I mentioned before, I think a photo should carry a message or concept, and bring attention to something that matters - in the photo, not behind the camera. I mean no disrespect, but I am not in the game of like-for-like culture, or the the "great shot!" type of replies that social photo sharing sites bring. If art carries no meaning, and is done for ego or status, it not only hurts everyone, but devalues itself.

Happy time

It's time to go out, carry the camera you have, shoot what you love, share it - or don't! Just enjoy your photography, your poetry , your music -it's the one thing they can not take away.

If you're a like-minded photographer, or even if not, get in touch. I love sharing stories, tips, techniques and photos.

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