MarlonV Photography
Mantis<br />
<br />
Kingdom:	Animalia<br />
Phylum:	Arthropoda<br />
Class:	Insecta<br />
Subclass:	Pterygota<br />
Infraclass:	Neoptera<br />
Superorder:	Dictyoptera<br />
Order:	Mantodea excuse to get out, and get lost, where nature intended.

The preservation of light

Welcome to my photographic gallery! Like musicians, painters and poets, there are many photographers, like myself, who do this for no other reason than pure and simple love for capturing and preserving awesome things. Life changes every second, and a well composed, timed and passionately taken photo freezes time forever.

Nature is... natural, and one of my biggest enjoyments, so much so, that I aspire to living in a mountain hut. This makes being out in the remote corners of the Karoo or in the expanses of the Cederberg an utter joy - real air, no noise, no people and my camera in hand.

I believe in ethical behavior and movement out in the wild, leaving nothing, taking only photos. My practices will never influence the fauna or flora I am shooting, insects are photographed naturally and live, birds and animals in natural occurrences and places left as they were.

When I am not shooting in nature, I dabble in abstract and monochrome photography.

I hope that you enjoy my work, my art and concepts in the way I intended. Never forget that photography is about the subject, not about the photographer. Keep in touch!

If you would like to read more, see my main site for news and articles.

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